The Electron Microscopy Center at Rice University hosts a double-Cs corrected, monochromated FEI Titan Themis and a Helios 660 SEM/FIB.

We are located in Brockman B05.

The EMC is a user facility available to scientists at Rice, other academic institutions, and industry. We charge user fees by the hour and booking is done in Rice’s FOM.

If you publish a paper containing data from the EMC, please consider acknowledging the facility: “Electron microscopy results were obtained at the Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) of Rice University”.

We offer training for both instruments. Visit the Titan or Helios webpage for details on training.

Paid service work and full technician assistance for untrained individuals is available for a fee, see rates for details.

The EMC also offers tours for visitors, departments, and classes, see details here.

New SEM Fee structure for Rice Users: $50/hr Helios SEM only (no FIB)!