Titan Themis S/TEM

The FEI Titan Themis3 S/TEM is one of the most advanced electron microscopy platform to date, capable of imaging and spectroscopy at the atomic level. Equipped with multiple cameras and detectors, the Titan Themis provides simultaneous information about position, bonding, and composition of atoms, and can be used to obtain nm-resolution 3D reconstructions and electric field maps.


The Titan is not an entry-level microscope and users requesting training should have significant experience on other instruments.

Capabilities highlights:

  • Operates in TEM and STEM mode
  • Image+probe Cs correctors for sub-A resolution in both TEM and STEM mode
  • Ultra-bright XFEG gun
  • Voltage tunable 60-300 kV, suitable for beam-sensitive samples
  • Electron monochromator, ZLP FWHM <0.2 eV at all voltages
  • High speed GIF ERS for large scale spectrum imaging and energy-filtered imaging
  • Dual EELS capabilities
  • High tilt holder for tomography & reconstruction software
  • Cathodoluminescence holder
  • 4K X 4K CMOS camera for fast large area imaging
  • Super-X quad EDS detector for elemental analysis
  • HAADF and triple DF/BF detectors for simultaneous imaging in STEM mode


Users wishing to be trained without taking the class should fill the the TITAN_THEMIS_APPLICATION and send to Prof. Yimo Han (yh76@rice.edu), Dr Guan-Hui Gao (gg13@rice.edu) and Meri Dix (meri.dix@rice.edu). We will contact users to discuss their goals and needs. Significant prior TEM experience is required to commence training on the Titan.

Faculty in Charge: Yim Han
Staff in charge: Guan-Hui (Gigi) Gao
Rice U Fee: 120$/hour
Non-Commercial / Academic Fee: $188/hour
Corporate / Commercial Fee: 275$/hour

The Titan can be booked on FOM