Microscopy Class

MSNE580: Microscopy methods, offered in the Spring semester only

  • Lecture course
  • Covers basic and advanced techniques, instrumentation, and image interpretation
  • Focus on Imaging (SEM/TEM/STEM), diffraction, and spectroscopy (EDS/EELS/CL)
  • Open to all graduate and senior undergraduates
  • Experience on electron microscope recommended but not strictly necessary for lecture component

MSNE582: Electron microscopy center lab, offered in the Spring semester only

  • Hands-on lab course in groups of 3, includes 6 labs of 3.5 hours on SEM and S/TEM and data analysis
  • Includes SEM/FIB, atomic resolution TEM and STEM imaging, diffraction mapping, tomography, EDS/EELS mapping, and student-led lab with research samples
  • Students will gain the knowledge necessary to operate the Titan independently (no need for further training)
  • Open to graduate students only
  • Previous experience on electron microscopes required 
  • Class capped at 15 students
  • Must be taken concurrently with MSNE580

Both classes require instructor permission, please email Prof. Ringe to arrange a discussion.